Beyond Singapore

January 8, 2017

Singapore’s allure as a tourist destination extends beyond its boundaries. Once you soak in all that the island-nation has to offer, get ready to pack your bags and explore other interesting parts of the region. The city-state’s geographical location allows you to reach Malaysia, Thailand, and the stunning islands of Indonesia within an hour or less. What’s more, you can catch a budget airline and be on your way to explore more culture-rich destinations that Asia has to offer. 

Travel By Sea

The origins of Singapore as a trading hub meant that its waterways are well connected to other trading posts in the region. Take a ferry, and in no time you will find yourself in a stunning location or a neighbouring country. 

Talking of stunning locations, the Batam and Bintan Islands are two of the most popular leisure spots. Located just 20 km from Singapore’s southern tip, it takes all about 50 minutes via ferry. And then you will be welcomed by golden beaches, clear blue waters, and warm sunshine. The best part is that the coast of these two islands are lined with shallow waters, warding off commercial ships. 

There are more pristine locations that can be reached with a minimum of fuss, courtesy of cruise liners. You can explore heritage sites such as Malacca and Georgetown, Penang in Malaysia, Hoi An in Vietnam, or visit the pristine beaches of Boracay in Philippines.   

Travel By Land

Land routes connect one throbbing megapolis, Singapore, to another star-studded city, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Take in the gorgeous sights and scenes as you travel in comfortable luxury. Travelling by coach offers a more economical option if you are looking to travel between the two cities. It also allows you to get a feel of a ‘road trip’, which has its own delights and quirks. 

Head over to the Golden Mile Complex, a shopping compound located near Arab Street, and you will find multiple bus operators plying to Malaysia’s capital city. You can book your ticket from one of the counters, right then and there. Check if you have your passport and other travel documents and you are ready to go. 

All buses are air-conditioned with plush recliner seats for maximum comfort. You can catch up on your sleep or enjoy a movie.

Once you reach KL, you can explore the city and other parts of Malaysia, or travel further. 

Travel By Air

Two words every intrepid traveller would love to hear – budget airlines. With a bevy of low-cost operators to choose from, no destination is too costly to fly to. And Singapore’s strategic location allows it be at the centre, not only of Asia, but of the global map as well. You can pick and choose a variety of exotic locations that are within 2-3 hours of flight time. Some of these locations include the southern cities in India like Bangalore and Chennai, the big cities of China like Guangzhou, and everyone’s favourite beach destination – Bali, Indonesia. 

All you need is an appetite for travel and the options that Singapore provide will do the rest for you.