Where to buy groceries and stuff

January 6, 2017

More often than not, we will forget to pack an essential item when we travel overseas. It could be a bottle of sunblock, lozenges or hairspray. If the trip is to a country you have never been to, you will be somewhat clueless about the best place to go and get what you need. So, let us acquaint you with our local supermarkets, convenience stores and drugstores for your visit to Singapore. 


Besides stocking up on what you forgot to pack, these places offer the best value for buying the bottled water, sweets, fruits and snacks you need for your daily itinerary. You could also find some unique snacks here to bring home as souvenirs. Most, if not all, shopping malls houses one of the following supermarkets:

1. NTUC FairPrice

Our largest supermarket chain with over 100 outlets distributed across Singapore. The numerous and conveniently located outlets offer a wide range of groceries at affordable prices. Atop the usual offering, FairPrice Xtra includes a range of electronics & clothing merchandise whereas FairPrice Finest offers upmarket food supplies.

2. Giant

Besides supermarket stores, Giant offers the hypermarket stores where many locals head to for the sheer variety and value deals. They also have halal grocery sections to cater for Muslim customers.

3. Cold Storage

The most upmarket of the lot, this supermarket chain imports many European and American brand foods that can’t be commonly found in other supermarket chains. However, it still carries the common and popular grocery brands and can offer good discounts during promotions. Some outlets also have a BBQ and salad bar counter to grab some fresh eats at lower prices than restaurants.

Convenience/Drug stores

1. 7-11 & Cheers

Often located at the MRT stations, these are the two most common convenience stores around the island. After long hours in the sun, you can drop by and grab one of the large cold drink from the drink dispensers. Alternatively, this is a good place to grab a hot drink on the go in the mornings. 

2. Watsons & Guardian

These two competitor drugstores are often found in the same shopping malls. Both have a comparable range of products and promotions so head in to the nearest one. Besides the usual skincare/haircare products and over-the-counter medicines, these stores tend to offer better value for snacks and drinks than the convenience stores.

Budget stores

1. Value dollar stores

Usually located in the heartlands like Toa Payoh, these stores are packed with customers shopping for bargain buys under $2. Besides snacks and drinks, they also sell common haircare and skincare products. Most of the products are parallel imports (thus the lower pricing), so do double check the expiry dates if any!

2. Daiso

Heard of the 100-yen stores in Japan? Well, in Singapore all products are priced at only $2 in this popular 100-yen store franchise. With more than 10 stores strategically located across Singapore and averaging 1000 sq. m, you can shop for hours here without breaking the bank.