Pulau Ubin

Loves: Many well-marked and challenging roads and trails to explore, and fresh seafood to indulge in afterwards.

Our Advice: Rent a bicycle and explore the island, including Chek Jawa, but do not leave food in parked bicycles as this will attract the wild boars. Remember to test the bicycle before cycling inland. Bring along a cap, sunblock, mosquito repellent and water.

Hunt for wild durians at the Tree Trail in late June!

Singapore and urbanism fit like a hand in a glove. The city-state is one of the most urbanized pieces of land on the globe. And yet, situated in the north east of the island nation is an archipelago rich in natural flora and fauna. It is a testament to the modern city that it still retains a sanctuary called Pulau Ubin, also known as Ubin Island. 

The island was a thriving granite quarry (Ubin: Javanese term for “squared stone”) in the 1960s and home to 2000 over residents. Today, it is home to Singapore’s last kampongs or villages with 30 over residents. Pulau Ubin is a delightful escape into the past of modern Singapore.

Address: Island off Changi
District: North Eastern Islands

By MRT/Bus/Boat: 
- Alight at Simei MRT Station (EW1) 
- Take bus 9 at the Bus Stop (96169) in front of the station
- Alight 19 stops later at Bus Stop (99181) before Singapore Aviation Academy
- Take a bumboat from Changi Point Ferry Terminal (near Changi Village Hawker Centre)
- Go down the stairs at the Terminal and join the correct queue for Pulau Ubin
- Bumboat operators run from sunrise to sunset, special arrangements can be made with the operators for trips after dark
- Boat ride takes 20 mins to reach Ubin Jetty

*Note: Bumboat operators run from sunrise to sunset without fixed timings as boat departs once there are 12 passengers. You can make special arrangements with the operators for trips after dark.

Operating Hours: 24 hours 
Recommended Duration: 6 hours

Cost of the bumboat: $3/person (Maximum 12 passengers)
Additional $2 per bicycle on bumboat

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