Performing arts in Singapore

December 26, 2016

Singapore is a confluence of cultures and identities: A prism of different attitudes, beliefs, and tastes. This eclectic mix is reflected in the vibrant, creative arts scene of the island-nation. The best of the East and West are showcased. You will find popular Broadway exports, unique local stories, and an exploration of the artistic identity. 

Whether or not you like to indulge in the arts and cultural scene, the city-state will impress you with its line-up of stellar productions, passionate artists, and enchanting performances. Appreciating the arts is a captivating experience in Singapore.  

Signature Events

Visit the city-state any time of the year and you will have a calendar filled with interesting events. One of the most popular is ‘Shakespeare in the Park’. 

Performed at the Fort Canning Park by the modern Singapore Repertory Theatre, this annual event picks out some of the best of the bard’s work and performs it for the millennial audience gathered under the open skies. Since it is held at the park, people from various walks of life gather, treating it as a small picnic, in addition to appreciating the genius that was Shakespeare. 

If dance is more of your thing, then Ballet Under the Stars will probably take your breath away. Fort Canning is once again the setting for this stellar annual event that literally takes place under star-lit skies. The very best of ballet is on display over the two weekends in July. The event features lush, traditional ballets, and the more experimental, modern productions.  

Iconic Centres

When it comes to the arts, Esplanade is, without doubt, its heartbeat. The iconic arts centre is split into a 1600 seat concert hall and a 2000 seat theatre, supplemented by other intimate venues. If you are looking for a quick arts fix, then this is the place you need to head to. The centre has witnessed the birth of Singapore’s cultural scene and now seeks to provide a window to its ever-widening horizon. The focus is then on variety. You will find performances by global icons from the West such as The New York Philharmonic Orchestra. From the East, you will find popular Chinese plays being staged. 

The Marina Bay Sands has two performance centres -Grand Theatre and Sands Theatre - that is quickly becoming the premier destination for arts aficionados, especially those who like Broadway musicals. The two centres provide a spectacular stage for popular hits like the Lion King and The Nutcracker. An evening at the two centres can become a fun-filled family outing as well, with the children too being able to enjoy the shows. 

The New Guard

Singapore’s arts and cultural scene have come a long way since its inception. Once an open stage for events from all around the world, local voices are now finding their identity. This has been enabled by new-age, home-grown centres such as The Necessary Stage and W!ld Rice. 

The melange of global and authentic local performances makes Singapore a throbbing cultural and arts centre.