The art trail in Singapore

December 26, 2016

Singapore is a buzzing cultural center, so it is no wonder that the art scene here is evolving constantly with new art galleries opening each year and museums expanding their collections.

Year 2015 has brought amazing developments, including the opening of two new wings at the Asian Civilization Museum and the rejuvenation of Civic District. The National Museum is now boasting six permanent collections with more than 1,700 artefacts and the National Gallery Singapore located at the revamped Civic District, has the biggest collection of modern art out of all Southeast Asian countries.

Nightlife in Singapore is also bright and vivid with dozens of bars having live music shows and nightclubs playing music 24/7 for all party-goers who like to have fun non-stop. So where should you go to immerse yourself into the culture of Singapore? Here are a few places you should definitely check out:

National Gallery Singapore is located at the very heart of the city – the Civic District. With an extensive collections of modern art by Singaporean and Southeast Asian artists, it holds more than 8,000 art pieces dating from 19th century onwards. Singaporean artists are represented by Chen Chong Swee, Georgette Chen, Liu Kang, Cheong Soo Pieng, Chen Wen Hsi, and others.This cultural hub is also a must-see for all newcomers as it is a place where history meets modern architecture and where the cultural life of Singapore has originated.

Think about going along the Civic District Art Trail that will take to the most prominent buildings and fascinating sculptures of the city center. You’ll get to see works by talented sculptors Tan Teng Kee and Han Sai Por that are scattered throughout the Civic District. 

Located near Fort Canning Park is the ASEAN Sculpture Garden filled with modern sculptures created with steel and fiberglass. Enjoy the amazingly beautiful historic buildings near the City Hall MRT station and continue to the magnificent building of the Old Supreme Court. Victoria Theatre is located just nearby boasting a spectacular façade. This is one of the biggest and most popular performance scenes and an iconic landmark of Singapore. If you want to enjoy a fashionable night out and mingle with the local theatre-loving crowd – this is the very place to go. 

National Museum of Singapore is the go-to place for all history buffs that are keen on exploring the rich culture of Singapore. For more art go to the Singapore Art Museum and if you’re interested in the evolution of local currency, take a trip to the Singapore Coins and Notes Museum. Science geeks and art lovers will also enjoy a visit to the ArtScience Museum, which has showcased artifacts from the famous Titanic, as well as works of art by Picasso and Dali.