10 Guinness World Records held by Singapore

January 15, 2017

Singapore has many sobriquets and titles. But did you know that the city-state also holds a number of Guinness World Records? Here are 10 interesting records that belong uniquely to the island nation…

1. World’s Largest Lightbulb Display In An Indoor Venue

The city-state can dazzle you when its lit up on a clear night with its sparkling array of lights. Universal Studios has gone one step ahead and unveiled a spectacular collection of lights spread over eight zones. This has resulted in a Guinness Record where a mind boggling 824,961 individual bulbs make up the display. You will find different shapes and figures as well as different colours that all come together to create a breath-taking visual display. 

Universal Studios created the world’s largest lightbulb display in an indoor venue to mark the occasion of the Guinness World Records Day as well as enthral visitors during the festive Christmas season. 

Image source: Resort World Sentosa

2. Largest jelly/jello mosaic

We are all proud of our national flag. They invoke a sense of patriotism, pride, and belonging that unite us with our fellow countrymen. Imagine if the flag was part of a Guinness World Record…How proud would that make us feel?

A group of students at the Imperial College Singapore Society decided to create a mosaic of the flag from an item that is commonly loved – the jelly. They wanted to pay the ultimate tribute to the symbol of united Singaporeans and went on to create a 12.8/19.8 square metre mosaic. 

3. Most skydivers in a wind tunnel

Sky diving can be fun. The sense of exhilaration that one experiences while freefalling is indescribable. iFly Singapore decided to use this amazing activity to create a Guinness Record. They got together a group consisting of 12 children and an adult to fly in their wind tunnel for 5 minutes. This registered as the most number of skydivers flying simultaneously in a particular wind tunnel.  

What the particular record represents is the daredevil spirit that exists in the citizens and youth of Singapore, often channeled for greater good.  

4. Largest club DJ session relay

Singapore has a throbbing nightlife where you can find some of the best DJs and the best music, not to mention some of the clubs where you can go absolutely footloose. The pub/club scene in the island nation offers rich entertainment, and it also holds a unique Guinness Record.

Imagine not one, not two, not even a hundred, but 133 DJs playing one after the other, non-stop. You probably would need more than a pair of shoes or heels to last this marathon session. That is exactly what took place at the Marina Barrage on August 9 2014, creating the Guinness Record.

5. Largest curry

Food in Singapore is more than just a gastronomic exercise. It is an identity in itself. And no other food item has achieved the legendary cult status like the curry has. Influenced by cuisines of Malaysia and India, the humble yellow curry is a part and parcel of many a meal and snack. On 1 August 2015, it became a record holder as well. 

As part of the annual Suvai event that hosts chefs from all across Asia, the Indian Chefs and Culinary Association of Singapore created a lip-smacking yellow broth that went straight into the Guinness Records, all 15.34 tonnes of it. 

Image source: Steward's Solution

6. Longest satay

The satay is as Singaporean a dish as they come. Take a walk around the hawker centres and you will see the skewers of meat roasting over a warm fire. The Kopitiam Group of Companies, famous for their cafés, decided to use this Singapore food to create a record that could only belong to the island nation. Thus was born the longest satay. 

150 kg of chicken meat was marinated with spices such as cumin, coriander, fennel, ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, onion, sugar and salt. And 150 staff members cooked the 459 ft. 4 in. meat over charcoal fire, creating the Guinness Record. 

7. Smallest optical mouse

If you glance across the Guinness Records, most of the feats are bigger and longer. Trust the unique talent in Singapore to come up with something that is exactly the opposite - the smallest optical mouse.

The mouse is a handy computer accessory, which in the hands of CyberInc Pte Ltd turned into a Guinness record holder. They created an optical pointer that was an inch and a half long, and less than an inch in breadth. Suffice to say that a fingertip would have felt like a lion in front of the mouse. 

8.  Lantern Parade

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a great time to be in Singapore. Basking in the colours and culture from China, the festivities offer a variety of fun events and some tasty treats as well. The lanterns that spring up in the city-state are perhaps the enduring image of the festival.  

It was against this cheerful backdrop that the Land Transport Authority decided to gather a few people for a lantern parade. The ‘few’ people eventually turned to become a Guinness Record. The parade consisted of 10,568 participants that took part in the mega event, and achieved another unique record for Singapore.    

9. Largest gathering of people dressed as ghosts

As far as records go, this is perhaps one of the most interesting ever. And the fact that the record is based on a well-loved and popular movie franchise makes it even more appealing. 

To promote the new version of Ghostbusters, Sony Pictures organized a red carpet event and invited fans to come and attend the premiere dressed as the lovable ghost that appears in the movie. There were 263 attendees that made the Guinness Record. The premiere set the tone for international events coming to Singapore.  

Image source: Marina Bay Sands

10. Most people participating in a Lo Hei salad toss simultaneously (single venue)

The Chinese New Year is a time for celebrating the rich traditions and culture. And if you are in Singapore, you may just be able to witness a Guinness Record being created as well. 

The swanky Ritz-Carlton at Millenia Singapore provided the perfect backdrop for a fun event. A generous gathering of participants assembled with only one single mission in mind: To toss the Lo Hei Salad, a colourful raw fish salad representing good fortune.

Dimension Data created the record with 430 participants who attempted the feat simultaneously.